DeSantis announces boat interdiction with 25 Haitian immigrants, firearms, drugs

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced that state officers had intercepted a boat carrying suspected illegal aliens from Haiti on February 29. The 42-foot boat, containing five unaccompanied children, was operated by a U.S. citizen and was believed to be part of a human smuggling operation. The individuals on board were found lying prone on the deck of the vessel.

According to DeSantis, this recent interception was not an isolated incident. Just a few weeks prior, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers interdicted a vessel with 25 potential illegal immigrants from Haiti. The individuals on this boat were found with firearms, drugs, and night vision gear, posing a potential danger to others.

DeSantis criticized the Biden administration for failing to address the issue, stating that the federal government's responsibility to secure the borders was not being adequately fulfilled. He highlighted the need for additional resources to prevent illegal immigration and human smuggling operations.

The governor pointed out that Haitians have been able to reach the United States more easily by flying to Mexico and crossing the southern border. He expressed concern that if flights to Mexico were to resume, more individuals fleeing Haiti would attempt to enter the U.S. through the border.

DeSantis emphasized the importance of state resources in addressing illegal immigration, as well as the need for federal agencies like the Coast Guard to be adequately manned and equipped. The interception of the boat carrying suspected illegal aliens from Haiti underscores the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in securing the nation's borders.


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