CIA failed to inform Joe Biden about upcoming Hamas terrorist attacks

In recent news, it has been reported that the CIA issued two reports warning the Biden administration of increased threats from Hamas before the recent attacks. These reports indicated a heightened risk of violence and the possibility of rocket strikes by Hamas into Israel. However, neither President Joe Biden nor other senior White House officials were briefed on these reports.

According to CNN, the CIA did not consider the reports to be of particular significance to policymakers. This has raised concerns about the communication process within the US intelligence community and how threats are prioritized. Some sources have suggested that the military friction between Israel and Hamas is not unusual and that these reports were routine. The conflict between the two sides has a history of on-and-off violence, often with occasional cease-fires.

It is worth noting that the lack of attention given to the intelligence on Hamas may be due to a strategic shift in priorities within US intelligence agencies. The focus has primarily been on other international threats, such as China, Russia, and Iran.

In addition to the CIA warnings, Israeli officials also had intelligence on increased Hamas activity but failed to put the border on high alert, according to Axios. Egypt also warned Israel of a possible Hamas attack approximately three days before it occurred, as reported by Forbes. The extent of communication and the reach of these warnings remain uncertain.

Overall, the reports of the CIA's warnings about increased Hamas threats and the lack of briefing for President Biden and senior White House officials raise questions about the communication and prioritization of intelligence within the US government. It is crucial to assess and address any shortcomings in order to prevent future security lapses. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas carries significant implications and requires careful attention from policymakers and intelligence agencies.


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