Chinese warplanes cross sensitive median line, Taiwan scrambles fighter jets

Taiwan has sent fighter jets, naval vessels, and missile systems to counter the 24 Chinese warplanes detected near its airspace, 10 of which crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese aircraft included fighters, bombers, and naval vessels, and the People's Liberation Army Navy vessels conducted joint combat patrol. China claims the median line is not recognized and views Taiwan as a breakaway province. This is not the first instance of Chinese military activity around Taiwan this week, with 37 Chinese military planes flying into Taiwan's air-defense system before heading to the western Pacific. The US Navy's 7th Fleet also released a video of a Chinese warship cutting off an American destroyer during an "unsafe" encounter in the Taiwan Strait. China has previously defended these actions, saying they were to safeguard the country's sovereignty. Chinese President Xi Jinping has frequently called for unification with Taiwan, while Taiwan sees itself as a separate country. China has frequently responded to US-Taiwan relations with military exercises and shows of force. The situation between China and Taiwan remains tense, and any move by either side could escalate into a full-blown conflict.


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