China constructed replica of Taiwan capital in desert training site: images

A recent report has revealed that China has constructed a replica of a key area of Taiwan's capital city at a military training site in the desert. The mock-up includes the presidential office and other government buildings, raising questions about China's intentions and focus in the region.

China's aggressive and coercive behavior towards its neighbors, along with its significant military build-up and modernization efforts, have raised concerns about its use of force as an option for achieving unification with Taiwan. The replica, located in the Alxa League area of northern China's Inner Mongolia, closely resembles the real area in Taipei, indicating a detailed and realistic simulation.

This is not the first time China has built such mock-ups, as previous replicas of Taiwan's presidential office have been constructed in different areas. Satellite images show that the site has been there since at least December 2022, suggesting a long-term investment in military training and preparedness.

The construction of mock-ups of US aircraft carriers and warships at training sites further demonstrates China's focus on military capabilities and readiness. Experts have warned about the increasing stockpiles and capabilities of China's Rocket Force, raising concerns about the potential role of these assets in a conflict scenario.

The timing of the mock-up's construction coincides with renewed concerns about possible Chinese aggression against Taiwan, amidst assertive actions at sea and in the air. US Indo-Pacific Command has warned about China's military buildup and readiness to invade Taiwan by 2027, adding to the existing tensions in the region.

The recent election of a new president in Taiwan has also escalated tensions, with China increasing pressure on the island nation. The Democratic Progressive Party's historic win and China's preference for a softer approach towards relations with Taiwan have further complicated the situation.

Overall, the construction of a mock-up of Taiwan's capital city by China highlights the ongoing tensions and uncertainties in the region, with potential implications for regional stability and security.


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