Border Patrol Chief calls Biden's border crisis national security threat

U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens recently expressed his concerns about the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have successfully crossed into the U.S. homeland, calling it a "national security threat." Speaking on CBS News' "Face The Nation," Owens highlighted the influence of Mexican drug cartels in determining the flow of migrants across the southern border.

Owens emphasized the challenges faced by border patrol agents in monitoring the vast expanse of the border and responding to the constant influx of migrants. He noted that the tactic employed by cartels is to push groups of migrants across, diverting the attention of border officials while potentially engaging in illicit activities elsewhere.

The chief stressed that the entry of unknown foreign nationals poses a significant risk to national security, particularly with the increasing number of individuals evading capture. Owens pointed out that while the total number of entries this fiscal year is approaching a million, the 140,000 individuals who have successfully evaded apprehension are particularly concerning.

He underscored the importance of border security in safeguarding national interests and preventing potential threats from entering the country. Owens highlighted the vulnerability of the border and the need to address the issue of unknown individuals with uncertain intentions crossing into the U.S.

Overall, Owens' remarks shed light on the complex challenges faced by border patrol agents in maintaining security along the southern border. The issue of illegal immigration and the influence of drug cartels continue to pose significant concerns for national security, requiring a comprehensive and coordinated response to address these threats effectively.


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