Biden's family supports him staying in the race despite exit calls

President Joe Biden's family has reportedly urged him to stay in the 2024 presidential race following a poor debate performance against former President Donald Trump. The New York Times reported that Biden's family, including children and grandchildren, gathered at Camp David for a pre-planned trip where they discussed the path forward for his reelection campaign.

Biden, a former US senator and vice president, is facing criticism for his debate performance, which was characterized by a raspy voice and rambling answers. Trump sought to portray Biden as ineffective and made unfounded claims about immigration and crime rates during the debate.

Despite calls from donors, supporters, and even the New York Times editorial board for Biden to step aside, his family members are reportedly advocating for him to continue in the race. Hunter Biden, the president's son, believes that voters should see the more polished side of his father that he has long known.

The debate performance has sparked discussions within the Democratic Party about potential replacements for Biden, but his campaign has pushed back against calls for him to exit the race. Biden himself has not indicated any intention to withdraw, stating during a campaign event in North Carolina that he may not walk or talk as easily as he used to, but he knows how to tell the truth.

As the controversy surrounding Biden's debate performance continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how his family's support and his own determination will shape the future of his reelection campaign. The upcoming months leading up to the 2024 election will likely be a crucial time for Biden as he navigates the challenges and pressures of seeking a second term in office.


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