Biden tells allies he is considering dropping out of 2024 race

President Joe Biden is facing uncertainty about his 2024 White House race candidacy following a lackluster debate performance that has caused concern among fellow Democrats. According to a report by The New York Times, Biden has reportedly told a key ally that he is considering dropping out of the race if he cannot convince the public of his ability to serve as president in the coming days.

The White House has pushed back on the report, with spokesman Andrew Bates calling the claim "absolutely false" and stating that more time should have been given to provide a response. Despite this denial, multiple news outlets have reported on internal discussions within Biden's family urging him to stay in the race and criticizing his debate preparations.

Polling after the debate has shown that a significant portion of Democratic registered voters and overall registered voters doubt Biden's mental and cognitive health to serve as president. This has led to growing pressure on Biden to step aside and allow the party to rally behind an alternative nominee.

Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom are emerging as potential contenders in the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, with Biden's odds slipping in betting markets. Biden is expected to meet with Democratic governors, including Newsom, in an effort to reassure them of his ability to continue campaigning for a second term.

Former President Donald Trump has seized on Biden's debate performance, claiming that it has widened the gap between them and questioning Biden's mental acuity. The upcoming days will be critical for Biden as he seeks to address concerns about his candidacy and secure the support needed to continue his presidential campaign.


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