Biden condemns 'ferocious surge' in antisemitism in USA

President Joe Biden delivered a speech at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday denouncing the increase in antisemitism in America and condemning the atrocities committed by Hamas during its attack on Israel on Oct. 7. The speech was part of a ceremony at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum marking the Days of Remembrance to honor the victims of the Holocaust.

Biden emphasized the importance of not forgetting the horrors of the past, stating that people are already starting to forget the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israelis. He reassured the Jewish community that they are not alone and reiterated his commitment to the safety of the Jewish people and the security of Israel.

The speech comes at a tense political moment as a possible Israeli invasion of Rafah looms and college protests against the war in Gaza are taking place across the U.S. Biden has faced criticism from both Republicans and Democrats as he navigates the delicate balance of supporting Israel's security while also expressing sympathy for the Palestinians suffering in Gaza.

During the ceremony, House Speaker Mike Johnson and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries also spoke out against antisemitism and hate speech, calling for an end to the madness.

The White House announced new actions to combat the rise in antisemitism, including providing guidance to school districts and universities on investigating antisemitism and other forms of hate, creating a website with campus safety resources, and working with technology firms to address antisemitic content online.

Overall, Biden's speech focused on his support for Israel and condemnation of antisemitism, with a call for unity to combat all forms of hatred. The issue of antisemitism is a pressing concern that requires attention and action to prevent further escalation of violence and discrimination.


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