Biden causes confusion by ending speech with 'God save the Queen, man'

President Joe Biden caused confusion after ending a speech on gun violence reform with the unexpected phrase, "God save the Queen." The comment was made during a speech at the National Safer Communities Summit in West Hartford, Connecticut. The president had been discussing the importance of increased gun safety legislation when he noted that he could not shake hands with people in the audience due to an incoming storm. "All right? God Save the Queen, man," he said. The phrase soon began trending on Twitter, with social media users questioning and criticizing what appeared to be a gaffe from the 80-year-old president. The White House press office later clarified that Biden was "commenting to someone in the crowd."

Despite the confusing sign-off, Biden's speech was focused on the need for more robust gun control measures in the US. The country has been plagued by deadly gun violence, which Biden described as happening "every damn day." The president's focus on gun control is part of his broader agenda to address issues of public safety and national security.

Biden is known for making statements that leave people scratching their heads, and his latest comment is just one of many that have caused confusion. However, the president has also been praised for his commitment to addressing important issues facing the country. As he continues to push for gun control legislation and other measures to improve public safety, Biden remains a controversial figure. Despite his age, he has defended his presidential reelection bid, saying he has "acquired a hell of a lot of wisdom."


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