Biden administration announces new renters' protections

The Biden administration is taking action to protect the rights of renters and improve fairness in the rental housing market. Multiple agencies will take part in this effort, with the Federal Trade Commission examining a range of practices that affect the rental market, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau providing guidance and coordinating enforcement efforts, and the Federal Housing Finance Agency initiating a process to examine limits on egregious rent increases. The Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Justice are also taking part in the effort. The administration's "Blueprint for a Renters Bill of Rights" outlines access to safe, quality, affordable housing; clear and fair leases; and access to eviction prevention and rent relief resources. Private companies and housing industry advocates have also been asked to strengthen practices and make independent commitments to improve the conditions for renters.

While housing advocates have expressed that the action falls short of the more robust tenant protections they’d like to see, and that the government should look more deeply at how it can address the root causes of rental affordability, the National Apartment Association expressed frustration with the outcome and resistance to further interventions.

The Biden administration's actions represent an important step towards achieving President Joe Biden’s commitment to establishing a Renters Bill of Rights, however, further government action is needed to ensure that renters have access to safe, quality, and affordable housing.


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