Anti-Israel Protesters block Golden Gate Bridge traffic

Protests in California have caused significant disruptions to traffic on both the Golden Gate Bridge and Interstate-880 in Oakland. The demonstrations, led by anti-Israel protesters, have led to the closure of both lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge and the blocking of Interstate-880 with concrete barrels.

The protesters are calling for an end to the siege on Gaza, with banners displaying messages such as "Stop the world for Gaza" and "End the siege on Gaza now!" The demonstrations have also spread to other cities, including Philadelphia.

The A15 Action group, responsible for the protests, believes that escalating actions are necessary to bring attention to the situation in Palestine. They argue that the global economy is complicit in genocide and are calling for disruptions to the economy to further their cause.

Images from the scene show protesters being taken into custody and banners being put away. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Management has issued a statement citing a "civic demonstration" as the reason for the closure of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Real-time traffic data shows extensive delays in the Bay Area as a result of the protests. The demonstrations have caused frustration for commuters and are likely to continue until the protesters' demands are met.


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