AI creates powerful antibodies beyond human imagination

LabGenius, a company based in South London, is using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to revolutionize the engineering of medical antibodies. Antibodies are the body's natural defense against diseases, and pharmaceutical companies have been creating synthetic antibodies since the 1980s to treat conditions like cancer and prevent organ rejection. However, the process of designing these antibodies is slow and labor-intensive for humans.

LabGenius has developed a machine learning algorithm that can quickly explore the vast space of potential antibodies. The algorithm starts with a set of initial options and then designs, builds, and tests the antibodies to find potentially promising candidates. The tests are mostly automated, with high-end equipment handling sample preparation and running the various stages of the testing process. Humans oversee the process but mainly handle sample movement.

The algorithm continuously learns from the experimental results, refining its understanding of how different antibody designs affect treatment effectiveness. This approach allows LabGenius to discover unexpected solutions and find them more quickly than human protein engineers. The company has raised $28 million in funding and is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to offer its services.

LabGenius's automated approach has several advantages over traditional methods. It reduces the time needed for antibody discovery, taking just six weeks from problem setup to finishing the first batch. It also allows for the exploration of new areas and avoids the accumulation of dogma that can occur with human protein engineers. Ultimately, LabGenius aims to create antibody treatments that are more effective and have fewer side effects than those designed by humans.

The company's CEO, James Field, believes that their approach will lead to better outcomes for patients. By finding molecules that would not have been discovered using conventional methods, LabGenius can create antibodies with improved properties. This automation could also be applied to other forms of drug discovery, streamlining the overall process.

LabGenius's work represents a significant advancement in the field of medical antibody engineering. Their AI-powered approach has the potential to revolutionize the development of antibody treatments, offering hope for more effective and personalized care in the future.


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