22 U.S. citizens killed by Hamas' attacks on Israel

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas continues to escalate, with the death toll rising and casualties on both sides. According to Israeli and Palestinian officials, over 2,250 people have been killed since the fighting began, with 1,200 deaths in Israel and 1,055 in Gaza. This includes at least 22 U.S. citizens who have lost their lives in Israel since Hamas launched its attack from Gaza on Saturday. The number of American casualties has increased from the 14 reported earlier this week by President Joe Biden. This attack by Hamas, the deadliest in years, came after rising tensions in the long-standing conflict.

Hamas breached the Israeli border by air, land, and sea, with fighters entering southern Israel and launching missiles as far as Tel Aviv. This attack resulted in the deaths of over 1,000 Israeli residents and led to militants taking scores of hostages back to Gaza. In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to seek vengeance and launched airstrikes on Gaza City. The densely populated territory was targeted, raising concerns about civilian casualties. U.S. officials, including President Biden, condemned Hamas' attack and expressed support for Israel.

This recent attack is part of a long history of conflict between Israel and militants in the Palestinian territories, particularly the Gaza Strip. While Israel withdrew its military from Gaza in 2005, Hamas took control of the area. The ongoing tensions and violence have resulted in significant human suffering and loss of life.

In addition to the conflict, Gaza is facing a worsening humanitarian crisis. Gaza's only power plant shut down on Wednesday, leaving the territory reliant on generators. Israeli officials have announced a "complete siege" on Gaza, cutting off the supply of food, fuel, and electricity. This has further strained essential services, including hospitals, which rely on generators for power.

The situation in Israel and Gaza is complex and deeply rooted in historical conflicts and disagreements. The rising death toll and humanitarian crisis highlight the urgent need for a peaceful resolution and the protection of innocent lives. The international community, including the United States, continues to monitor the situation closely and offer support to those affected by the ongoing violence.


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