What to Do for Migraine Pain That Is Ignored

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  • 9 months ago

Migraine is a neurological disorder that is especially common among women, yet only about half of those affected seek medical care. Gender bias may play a role in why it is often misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, and undertreated. It is important to seek medical help for migraine attacks, as the right diagnosis and treatment plan can help manage the disabling nature of the condition. Identifying and discussing the symptoms with a medical professional is key. Resources such as online quizzes, the POUND mnemonic, and the ID Migraine screen can help identify migraine and aid in discussing the condition with a doctor. Additionally, various medications, nondrug therapies, and lifestyle changes can help stop attacks and reduce the frequency and intensity of future attacks. For more complex or severe cases, visiting a neurologist or headache specialist may be beneficial. Trusted websites and organizations such as the American Headache Society and the National Headache Foundation can help individuals find doctors or specialists near them.


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