Study finds toilets can eject water up to 1.5 meters

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  • a year ago

Recently, a study was conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado to investigate the effects of flushing a toilet. Utilizing lasers, the researchers found that particles from the toilet are propelled at a speed of two meters per second and can reach heights of over 1.5 meters within eight seconds. It is worth noting that the presence of toilet paper and feces can have an impact on the plume dynamics.

In order to keep yourself and others safe, it is crucial to take steps to protect yourself from the particles released when flushing the toilet. At home, make sure to close the lid before flushing in order to reduce the amount of particles released. Additionally, public restrooms should be well-ventilated and contain purification systems. Finally, toilet design should be improved to lower the strength of the water jet and change its direction, as well as researching the potential for pathogens to be transmitted via toilet spray.


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