Possible effective dietary supplement

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  • a year ago

A new study published in the top journal Science has shown that taurine, an essential amino acid, might provide a host of benefits that include slowing down the aging process. Taurine is an amino acid that is not one of the 20 amino acids that comprise all the proteins in the human body. The study describes how taurine levels clearly decline with age, which establishes plausibility. The experiments showed impressive results in mice and monkeys, where they fed the animals relatively large amounts of taurine each day. Life span in the mice increased by 10-12%, and in mice that started taurine supplements in middle age, life span increased by 18-25%. Bone density increased in female mice, and osteoporosis seemed to be cured. Muscle strength increased in both males and females compared to mice who didn’t get taurine. The number of senescent cells seemed to be reduced. In monkeys, bone density increased in the spine and legs, body fat was lower than it was in monkeys that didn’t get taurine, and several measures of inflammation decreased. The scientists don’t yet know if taurine increases the monkeys’ life span, but all the signs are promising. However, the amounts used in the study were very high, much higher than you’d get from energy drinks or even from standard taurine supplements. More studies are needed, especially to measure the effects of taurine on humans, but all the signs are positive. The risks of long-term supplementation with taurine are not yet clear, but it is already widely taken as a supplement in baby formula and in energy drinks, with no known ill effects.


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