Patients eagerly seek affordable full-body scans for early cancer detection

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  • 6 months ago

Prenuvo, a Silicon Valley-based company, is gaining popularity for its full-body MRI scans that can detect over 500 conditions, including cancer, multiple sclerosis, and brain aneurysms. The scans, which are not covered by insurance and cost $2,500, have attracted curious and concerned patients who want a comprehensive understanding of their health. Prenuvo's custom MRI machines can scan a person's entire body in about an hour, and the images are reviewed by licensed radiologists, with results usually available within five to 10 business days.

The demand for Prenuvo's services has led to a backlog and long waitlists at its clinics in the U.S. and Canada. The company plans to open 11 more locations by 2024, including one in London and another in Sydney. Prenuvo has gained attention from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who called it a "life-saving machine," and investors such as Google ex-Chairman Eric Schmidt and 23andMe co-founder Anne Wojcicki.

Prenuvo CEO Andrew Lacy aims to bring down the prices of the scans through scaling and is exploring ways to reduce scan durations using artificial intelligence. The company is also working with companies that offer the scans as a perk for employees. Traditional insurance companies are paying attention and may consider covering the scans in the future based on data and demand.

While Prenuvo's scans have been life-saving for some, medical experts caution that they are not meant to replace targeted screenings like colonoscopies and mammograms. Full-body MRI scans have limitations and cannot catch everything. It is important for patients to consult with their physicians to determine the best imaging options for their specific needs.

Overall, Prenuvo's technology has generated significant interest and demand, but it is still in its early days. The company aims to continue improving and expanding its services to provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of their health.


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