Over half of Americans aren't sleeping enough

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  • a month ago

According to new polling data from Gallup, a majority of Americans are reporting that they are not getting enough sleep. The data shows that 57% of individuals surveyed feel that they would benefit from more sleep, a significant increase from previous years. In 2013, only 44% of respondents felt that they were not getting enough rest.

The study also found a correlation between stress levels and sleep patterns, with stress levels among Americans steadily increasing over the years. As stress levels rise, so does the prevalence of sleep deprivation. Approximately 20% of respondents reported getting less than five hours of sleep per night, with only 26% achieving the recommended eight hours of sleep.

Women, in particular, seem to be struggling with sleep, with just 36% reporting feeling well rested. For women between the ages of 18 and 49, only 27% felt that they were getting enough sleep. This highlights a need for better support and understanding of women's sleep health needs in the medical field.

Experts stress the importance of addressing both sleep and mental health as interconnected issues. Dr. Raj Dasgupta recommends using tools such as a sleep journal to track patterns and identify potential triggers for poor sleep. Other strategies include reducing screen time before bed, optimizing the bedroom environment, and establishing consistent sleep schedules.

In conclusion, the data suggests that there is a growing need for Americans to prioritize both sleep and mental health. By addressing stress levels and taking proactive steps to improve sleep hygiene, individuals can work towards achieving better rest and overall well-being.


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