Neuroscience offers pain relief via technology, not opioids

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  • 7 months ago

The opioid crisis in the United States continues to be a major concern, with over one million people dying from drug overdoses since 1999. In 2021 alone, there were 106,699 drug overdose deaths reported, and the rate of overdose deaths increased by 14% from the previous year. In light of these alarming numbers, Soin Neuroscience and its founder, Dr. Amol Soin, are working on innovative pain treatment methods that aim to provide non-addictive relief.

Dr. Soin is an interventional pain physician based in Dayton, Ohio, with a background in anesthesiology and pain management. He has also been involved with various startups in advisory roles. His company, Soin Neuroscience, has developed two unique pain treatment solutions: a spinal cord stimulator and a gel patch.

The spinal cord stimulator is a device that is surgically implanted into the spine to deliver electrical impulses that block pain signals from reaching the brain. The Soin Neuroscience stimulator stands out from others on the market due to its ability to customize the pain-blocking signals based on each patient's specific needs. This personalization is crucial in achieving effective pain relief.

The gel patch developed by Soin Neuroscience is a topical pain relief solution that is applied as a gel and dries clear. It can deliver medication for 6-8 hours and is resistant to water, making it convenient for hard-to-reach areas.

The motivation behind Soin Neuroscience's research and technologies stems from the need to address the opioid crisis and provide alternative pain treatment options. However, the company faces challenges in navigating the industry and market. Price controls in the pharmaceutical industry, the expensive and time-consuming FDA approval process, competition from established medical device companies, and the complexities of insurance and reimbursement all pose obstacles for startups in this space.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Soin is optimistic about the future of Soin Neuroscience. The company aims to progress beyond proof-of-concept trials, obtain FDA approval for its products, launch the gel patch, and establish strategic partnerships to bring the spinal cord stimulator to market.

The field of brain and spinal cord machine interface technologies, including neuromodulation, is rapidly advancing. These technologies are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of over 15% and reach a market size of over $15 billion by 2030. Soin Neuroscience is at the forefront of this growth, focusing on patient-specific tailored solutions. The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence is expected to further enhance these technologies, creating adaptive devices that can anticipate and respond to the needs of individual patients.

Overall, Soin Neuroscience and its founder, Dr. Amol Soin, are making significant strides in the development of non-addictive pain relief solutions amid the opioid crisis. Their innovative approaches show promise in improving the lives of patients suffering from chronic pain while minimizing the risks associated with opioids.


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