Menthol vapes may harm lungs more

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  • 8 months ago

A new study has found that adding menthol flavoring to electronic cigarettes may be more harmful to the lungs than regular e-cigarettes. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine found that menthol flavoring can deliver a higher number of toxic microparticles, which can damage lung function. The study used a "vaping robot" to mimic the temperature, humidity, puff volume and duration of vaping, and found that menthol vaping liquid emitted more toxic microparticles. An analysis of patient records also found that menthol vapers had poorer lung function compared to non-menthol vapers. The study suggests that menthol additives could be as dangerous as vitamin E acetate, a common additive in e-cigarette liquid that contains THC. There is currently a movement to ban menthol, following the US Food and Drug Administration's proposal to ban menthol in regular cigarettes in 2022. The director of the Center for Tobacco Control at Northwell Health in New Hyde Park, N.Y. warns that e-cigarettes are not necessarily a healthier option, as they contain numerous dangerous chemicals. The addition of menthol to e-cigarettes has a similar impact to menthol added to combustible cigarettes, as it can cause an increased number of lung cancers and deeper damage to the lungs. The study highlights the need for caution when using e-cigarettes and the importance of further research into their potential risks.


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