Mediterranean diet linked to cognitive protection for MS patients

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  • 9 months ago

New research suggests that the Mediterranean diet may be beneficial for people with multiple sclerosis, as those who adhere to it are less likely to experience cognitive impairments. Ilana Katz Sand of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and her colleagues looked at 563 people with MS who were younger than 65. Each participant completed a questionnaire which determined how closely they followed the Mediterranean diet, as well as three cognitive assessments. After adjusting for other factors, the team found that those with a higher score on the Mediterranean diet questionnaire had a lower risk of cognitive impairment.

The link between the Mediterranean diet and cognitive impairment in those with multiple sclerosis suggests that the diet may prevent or even treat related symptoms. While the exact mechanism is still unknown, researchers believe it could be linked to the gut microbiome. However, it is not yet known how dietary changes may affect multiple sclerosis over time.

This new research provides a promising insight into the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet for those with multiple sclerosis. Further research is needed to better understand the mechanism and how dietary changes may impact the condition over time.


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