Mayo Clinic Partners With AR Company for Healthcare Delivery

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  • a year ago

The Mayo Clinic, one of the world's most renowned medical institutions, has recently announced a partnership with MediView, a leading clinical augmented reality med-tech company. This collaboration between the two will work to further accelerate innovation in the development of solutions to improve clinical workflow, enhance remote collaboration, simplify minimally invasive procedures, and remove barriers to patient access. This new technology will also open up new possibilities for remote collaboration, augmented reality visualization, and holographic interventions.

Several companies have already begun to innovate in this space, such as Microsoft, Philips, and Meta, offering products including Hololens, Lumify, and Meta's array of virtual and augmented reality hardware. For this technology to be successful, patient safety must be given priority, data fidelity must be protected, and innovators must remain nimble in their approach.

This partnership between the Mayo Clinic and MediView has the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, with the goal of providing better, more efficient care to patients. With the use of cutting-edge med-tech and remote collaboration, healthcare professionals will be able to access patient data in real-time, share information with ease, and minimize the risk of medical errors. Only time will tell how successful this collaboration will be, but it is an exciting development in the medical technology space.


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