Makeup can harm skin health during exercise

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  • 5 months ago

A recent study conducted by Sukho Lee and his colleagues at Texas A&M University, San Antonio, suggests that wearing foundation during exercise may have negative effects on the health of the skin. The researchers recruited 43 college students, both men and women, and measured skin variables such as pore size and sebum production before and after a 20-minute moderate workout.

The study found that wearing foundation during exercise led to a reduction in sebum production on the areas with makeup compared to those without. This could potentially be harmful as sebum plays a role in keeping the skin healthy. The researchers also observed that the size of pores increased in areas without foundation, while there was no significant change in the made-up areas. This suggests that foundation may inhibit the natural enlargement of pores during exercise, preventing the release of sebum and sweat which moisturizes and cools the skin.

While the study did not assess whether these changes were linked to any skin issues, the researchers noted that the optimal amount of sebum is unclear, with too much leading to acne and too little causing skin irritation. Shari Lipner at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York commended the study's split-face design but highlighted the complexity of comparing skin characteristics on different parts of the face.

Although the study indicates potential negative effects of wearing makeup during exercise, the researchers acknowledge that the impact may not be significant for most people who engage in short workouts. However, the team plans to further investigate the effects of wearing makeup during longer exercise routines.


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