FDA cautions against 28 eye drop products due to infection risk

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  • 8 months ago

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning about 28 different over-the-counter eye drop products that may be contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. The FDA advises consumers to immediately stop using these products, as they could lead to serious eye infections, including partial vision loss or blindness. The eye drops in question have been sold under various brands, including CVS Health, Rite Aid, Leader (Cardinal Health), Rugby (Cardinal Health), Target Up & Up, Velocity Pharma, and Walmart.

The concern is that these eye drops may appear and smell fine, but they could still be contaminated. Eye drops are supposed to be sterile, as the eyes are particularly susceptible to infections. The cells that make up the eyes, such as the conjunctiva, cornea, and uvea, are not protected by thick skin like other parts of the body, making them more vulnerable to microorganisms.

The FDA found "insanitary conditions" at the manufacturing facilities that produced these eye drops, with environmental samples testing positive for bacteria. Retailers, such as CVS, Rite Aid, Target, and Walmart, have already removed the affected products from their shelves. Cardinal Health Inc. and Harvard Drug Group LLC have also initiated recalls of the products. However, consumers should still be cautious, as the products may still be available through online platforms or in certain stores.

If you have purchased any of the affected eye drop products, it is important to discard them properly. Do not give them to others or throw them away where they could be accidentally used or ingested. Medication take back locations are available for safe disposal. If you have already used these products and experience any unusual symptoms, such as redness, swelling, itching, pain, discharge, sensitivity to light, or blurry vision, it is advised to contact a doctor. While no adverse effects have been reported so far, it is important to take any signs of eye infections seriously due to the sensitivity and susceptibility of the eyes.

In conclusion, it is crucial for consumers to be aware of the FDA warning regarding contaminated eye drop products. Retailers have taken action to remove them from their shelves, but consumers should remain vigilant and refrain from purchasing or using these products. Proper disposal and monitoring for any unusual symptoms are recommended.


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