Electricity's Effects on Health and Well-being

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  • a year ago

thought for the electricity running through your body, it may be time to think again. For the evidence is mounting that electricity plays a vital role in our very existence. Increasingly, scientists are finding that electricity is not just the means by which cells communicate – it is a code that shapes our development, heals our wounds and could even be the key to preventing cancer. This “bioelectric code” is being studied by researchers around the world, with the aim of understanding its influence on life, and developing ways to tweak it to better our health.

Our bodies are electric by nature. Every cell crackles with electric signals that guide embryonic development and heal wounds. Research is underway to map this ‘electrome’ and decode its messages in order to unlock its potential for treating a range of diseases. If we can learn to manipulate the bioelectric code, we might be able to prevent cancer and even grow new limbs. Scientists are hopeful that this new branch of science will be a powerful tool in promoting health and wellbeing.


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