Drinking Decaf Can Reduce Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms

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  • 10 months ago

Recent research from the University of Sydney has found that drinking a cup of decaf coffee can help reduce the painful symptoms of caffeine withdrawal, such as headache, fatigue, and upset stomach. The study involved 61 participants who were heavy coffee drinkers, and who all abstained from caffeine for 24 hours. The participants were then split into three groups, two of which were given decaf, and one of which was given water. The group who thought they were receiving regular coffee reported a reduction in their symptoms, while the other two groups experienced no relief. The scientists attributed this effect to the open-label placebo effect. This could be helpful for those attempting to reduce their coffee consumption, as a cup of good quality decaf can help reduce cravings and temptation. While moderate amounts of caffeine can have positive effects, heavy consumption has been linked to health risks such as increased blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. It is therefore important to keep consumption in moderation.


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