Doctors' travel habits to avoid illness in 12 steps

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  • 10 months ago

Getting sick while traveling is a common problem that many travelers face. However, it's not inevitable and there are ways to avoid getting sick while on vacation. Doctors suggest that travelers take extra precautions that they don't usually take on a daily basis. This includes wearing masks in crowded places, washing and sanitizing hands frequently, staying hydrated, taking immune system boosters, avoiding peak travel times, prioritizing rest, not overscheduling, eating a well-balanced diet, researching travel vaccines and medicines, keeping up with sun protection, buying insect repellent, and packing medication.

Wearing a mask on all flights and in the airport, especially in crowded places, is still crucial for preventing infections, according to doctors. Additionally, frequently washing and sanitizing hands, and carrying hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol is recommended. Staying hydrated and taking immune system boosters like electrolytes, vitamin C tablets, and nasal mists can also help prevent sickness.

Avoiding peak travel times and prioritizing rest are also important for cutting down on potential exposure to germs. Eating a well-balanced diet, researching travel vaccines and medicines, and keeping up with sun protection are also crucial. Buying insect repellent and packing medication are also advised, especially when traveling to tropical areas or for outdoorsy trips.

By taking these extra precautions, travelers can avoid getting sick and enjoy their vacation with cool souvenirs, cherished memories, and a broadened perspective on the world.


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