Doctors explain the reasons behind feeling 'hot' or 'cold'

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  • 7 months ago

Feeling hot or cold all the time is a legitimate experience that many people go through, and there are reasons behind it. According to experts, both habits and body makeup can contribute to this feeling. The autonomic nervous system, which controls automatic functions like sweating, plays a role in regulating body temperature. Factors such as stress levels, smoking, diet, and muscle mass can alter the release of hormones that control temperature and make individuals feel hot or cold more often.

Genetics also play a part in how we perceive temperature. Genetic makeup can be a reason why some people always feel hot or cold. Additionally, certain medical conditions can contribute to temperature changes. A low body mass index or struggles with anorexia can cause a person to feel cold. Issues with thyroid levels, either low or high, can also affect how one feels temperature-wise. These conditions can often be treated with medication.

However, it is important to note that not everyone who feels hot or cold all the time has an underlying medical condition. In many cases, there may be no medical issue at play. If you are concerned about always feeling hot or cold, it is worth discussing with a doctor. This is especially important if there are accompanying symptoms such as changes in bowel movements, fatigue, or skin and hair changes. If the temperature problem interferes with daily life, seeking medical advice is recommended.

In conclusion, feeling hot or cold all the time is a real phenomenon that can stem from various factors. While it may not always be due to a medical condition, there are underlying physiological reasons for these sensations. It is essential to pay attention to your body and seek medical advice if necessary. So, the next time you are teased for feeling cold on a hot day or sweltering in the middle of winter, remember that there may be valid reasons behind it.


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