Dermatologists warn against dangerous increase in children's skincare usage

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  • 5 months ago

The British Association for Dermatologists has issued a warning about the growing trend of children as young as eight using skincare products. Many children are influenced by social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, where they see their favorite influencers using luxury skincare items. However, these products often contain active ingredients that are intended for adults only and can potentially cause allergies or skin problems in children. One brand that is frequently featured in online skincare content is Drunk Elephant, which has become popular among both adults and children. Despite the brand's founder advising children to stay away from their more potent products, children continue to be fascinated by the brand and seek out its products.

Parents have expressed concerns about their children's interest in skincare and the influence of social media and friends. Some children have even been found to abuse in-store testers and clear shelves of products as soon as they come into stock. The fascination with skincare brands like Drunk Elephant has become a global phenomenon, with children desperate to get their hands on these products. However, many parents are unaware of the potential harm these products can cause and are concerned about their children's skin reactions.

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Tess McPherson emphasizes the importance of providing children with accurate information about skincare. She warns that these products, which are often marketed as anti-aging, are not suitable for children and can cause irritation and other problems, especially for children with sensitive skin or eczema. Dr. McPherson also raises concerns about the suggestive packaging of these products, which can be attractive to children.

Parents are advised to consult with doctors or dermatologists to address their children's skin concerns and to avoid spending excessive amounts of money on expensive skincare products. There are currently no age restrictions on buying these items in shops or online. Retailers like Boots are implementing additional training for their beauty specialists to provide specific information for younger customers and their parents. Overall, it is important for children to be educated about skincare and to use products that are suitable for their age and skin type.


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