ChatGPT to Revolutionize Healthcare

  • 1 Min To Read
  • a year ago

In the past decade, artificial intelligence in healthcare has failed to move the needle on the nation's overall health and medical costs. Recently, however, ChatGPT, the generative AI chatbot from OpenAI, has caused a stir as it has passed graduate-level exams for business, law, and medical school. New versions of the technology are scheduled for release this year, and the potential for AI to transform medical practice is now being recognized.

Generative AI will become exponentially faster and more powerful, and will emulate how doctors make clinical decisions. It will also provide around-the-clock medical assistance and prevent medical errors. Furthermore, it will help all doctors perform like the best. ChatGPT will not be able to replace human judgement and is dependent on the accuracy of data inputted by humans. However, with time it will continually improve and address ever-more complex medical problems. To prepare for this AI revolution, medical students and residents need to learn to harness the clinical powers of generative AI.


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