Cancer patient support: What can assist them?

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  • 9 months ago

At the 2023 annual ASCO meeting, researchers presented findings on hope in patients participating in early phase clinical trials. The study measured hope and found that individuals who had more hope reported a better quality of life and fewer symptoms. This research highlights the importance of encouraging hope and exploring its sources in patients, with the potential for doctors and clinicians to play a role in fostering hope.

Another study discussed at the ASCO meeting focused on caregivers of individuals with advanced cancer. Caregivers often experience a decline in their own quality of life due to the burdens associated with caregiving. However, the researchers found that various interventions, such as counseling, can improve caregivers' emotional and psychological well-being. These findings suggest the importance of supporting caregivers and offering concrete opportunities for assistance.

Additionally, the ASCO meeting featured research on how to support cancer survivors. One study examined the likelihood of cancer survivors receiving screening for breast and cervical cancer. The researchers found that survivors who received instruction through a care plan or had someone inform them about the next steps and necessary tests were more likely to receive the recommended care. This highlights the need for survivors to receive specific advice and clear recommendations regarding follow-up appointments and tests. The researchers emphasized the importance of survivors leaving appointments with a clear understanding of what they need to do next.

In conclusion, the studies presented at the ASCO meeting offer valuable insights into improving the well-being of cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors. Encouraging hope in patients participating in clinical trials, providing support to caregivers, and offering clear guidance to survivors are all areas where further attention and implementation of interventions could lead to positive outcomes. These findings should encourage healthcare providers to consider incorporating these practices into their approach, ultimately enhancing the overall care of cancer patients.


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