A secret ingredient shapes your microbiome and health

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  • 11 days ago

A recent study conducted by neurobiologist John Cryan at University College Cork in Ireland has shed light on the potential of tweaking the virome, or the beneficial viruses in our bodies, to treat various ailments such as obesity and anxiety. The study, which involved feeding mice a slurry of microbes derived from their own feces, showed a surprising positive effect on their behavior, with stress-induced changes normalizing and the mice behaving like normal animals.

This mental transformation was not brought about by changing the bacteria in their guts, but by tinkering with the virome, a facet of the microbiome that is now being recognized for its importance. Trillions of beneficial viruses play a crucial role in cultivating a healthy microbiome and improving overall health. Research has shown that the influence of the virome can be found throughout the body, from the blood to the brain.

The implications of this research are significant, as it opens up new possibilities for treating conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, and anxiety by manipulating the virome. While the microbiome has been a topic of interest in the past decade, the focus has primarily been on bacteria, with the virome largely overlooked until now.

By understanding and potentially manipulating the virome, researchers hope to develop new therapeutic approaches that target specific health issues. This research highlights the intricate relationship between the virome, the microbiome, and overall health, paving the way for innovative treatments in the future. Further studies and clinical trials will be needed to fully explore the potential of virome manipulation in treating various health conditions.


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