20% chance of natural pregnancy after IVF birth

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  • 8 months ago

New research has found that one in five women who have had a baby using IVF conceive naturally afterwards. The study, which analysed data from more than 5,000 women, suggests that this is far from a rare occurrence, despite commonly held views to the contrary. The odds of natural pregnancy after an IVF baby are higher than the average odds of any couple conceiving naturally within a year of trying, which is one in four or less, according to NHS figures. Individuals’ odds of natural pregnancy differ from the averages. However, women over 35, or those already aware they may have fertility problems, should see their GP sooner, given that female fertility declines with age. Fertility problems can affect either partner and may be permanent or intermittent. Some causes are treatable, but in about one in four cases no cause can be found. IVF treatment, which may cost up to £5,000 or more per cycle, is not always available on the NHS. Shema Tariq, who had a baby through IVF in 2018, was told that her chances of conceiving without the treatment were almost zero due to low ovarian reserve. Eight months after her son’s birth, she was unexpectedly pregnant with her daughter. She said that if she had known about the one in five odds of natural pregnancy after IVF, she would have used contraception until she was ready for another child.


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