USFL and XFL discussing merger for 2024 season, according to reports

According to multiple reports, the USFL and XFL are currently in talks to merge their spring football leagues. The goal is to finalize the merger in time for the 2024 season, pending regulatory approval. However, it remains unclear where the games would be broadcasted, as the USFL has previously appeared on FOX and NBC, while the XFL has been shown on ESPN and ABC.

When contacted for comment, the XFL had no statement regarding the merger speculation, while the USFL referred Fox News Digital to FOX Sports, who declined to comment. Notably, FOX Corp., the parent company of Fox News, owns the USFL, while the XFL is owned by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Dany Garcia, and RedBird Capital Partners.

The USFL was rebooted in 2022 and has completed two seasons since its return. In the first season, the league used team names from the original USFL and played in a hub model. In the second season, the teams played in various stadiums, which were shared among them. Meanwhile, the XFL made its comeback in 2023 after its initial reboot in 2020 was halted and the league was sold due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the XFL's return, each team played in their own stadiums.

Both leagues have seen players transition to the NFL, with several individuals making rosters after playing in either the USFL or XFL. Notably, KaVontae Turpin, a former USFL standout, joined the Dallas Cowboys and was named an All-USFL player in 2022. He later went on to make the Pro Bowl at the end of the same season.

As the talks for a potential merger between the USFL and XFL progress, the future of spring football in the United States remains uncertain. However, the merger could potentially create a stronger and more competitive league, providing more opportunities for players and fans alike.


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