USA loses to Germany, fails to win gold at Basketball World Cup

In a surprising turn of events, the United States basketball team has been eliminated from the World Cup without earning a gold medal for the second consecutive time. Germany emerged victorious in the semifinals, defeating the US team 113-111. Andreas Obst led the way for Germany with 24 points, while Franz Wagner contributed 22 points. This win marked the first time that Germany has reached the World Cup final.

The US team, coached by Steve Kerr, acknowledged Germany's strength and expressed disappointment in their own performance. Jalen Brunson, US guard and captain, described their performance as "terrible." Despite their efforts to mount a comeback in the fourth quarter, the US team was unable to secure a lead and ultimately fell short.

Germany, with a perfect 7-0 record in the tournament, will face Serbia in the World Cup final. Serbia defeated Canada in the first semifinal match. The US team will play Canada for the bronze medal.

Both the US and Germany shot an impressive 58% from the field, but it was Germany's ability to control the game that ultimately led to their victory. This defeat raises questions about the US team's ability to maintain its dominance in international basketball. While the US has won the last four Olympic titles, they have now gone two consecutive World Cups without securing a gold medal.

This loss is particularly significant as it marks the highest number of points ever scored against a US men's basketball team in the Olympics or World Cup since NBA players became eligible to compete in 1992. The previous record was 110 points, which was also set in this tournament against Lithuania.

Germany's victory is seen as historic for the country, which had previously struggled against the US team in World Cup and Olympic competitions. The German team was able to capitalize on a strong third quarter to secure the win.

As the tournament comes to a close, all eyes will be on Germany as they vie for the World Cup title against Serbia. The US team, on the other hand, will be left to reflect on their performance and regroup for future international competitions.


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