Tucker Carlson to launch streaming network featuring interviews and commentary

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has announced the launch of his own streaming service, the Tucker Carlson Network. Priced at $72 a year, the service aims to provide viewers with what Carlson calls the "unadorned truth." The network will feature a range of content, including commentary, interviews, news reports, documentaries, and an advice show. The team behind the network consists of individuals who previously worked with Carlson at Fox.

Carlson's departure from Fox News came as a surprise to many, with the network offering no public explanation for his firing. Speaking on The Megyn Kelly Show, Carlson expressed his desire to have the freedom to say whatever he wants without interference. He stated his intention to tell the truth in the least offensive way possible, emphasizing his commitment to this principle until the end of his days.

Before his departure, Carlson hosted a highly-rated show on Fox News, with an average of 3.2 million viewers per night. His exit led to a decline in Fox's ratings, although replacement host Jesse Watters managed to rebuild the audience to 2.6 million viewers in November.

The Tucker Carlson Network will feature a variety of programs, including "The Tucker Carlson Encounter," a long-form conversation show, and "The Tucker Carlson Interview," a formal question-and-answer session. Additionally, there will be shows such as "Tucker Carlson Uncensored," which will resemble the opening monologues from his Fox show, and "Tucker Carlson Films," which will produce documentaries.

Carlson's new venture also includes an interactive element. "Ask Tucker Carlson" will allow subscribers to ask questions and seek advice from the host.

While Carlson expressed his enthusiasm for voting for Donald Trump in the 2024 election, he dismissed rumors of a potential vice presidential candidacy. He stated that he had not led a life that prepares people for politics.

Carlson had previously partnered with X (formerly known as Twitter) for content after leaving Fox but decided to create his own network as he felt X did not have the capacity to support his needs.

Fox News has not yet commented on Carlson's new venture or whether it infringes upon his existing contract, which reportedly runs until the next election year. The CEO of the Tucker Carlson Network will be Neil Patel, Carlson's former college roommate and co-founder of The Daily Caller website. Justin Wells, Carlson's former executive producer who was fired from Fox alongside him, will oversee content on the new network.


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