'Star Wars' toy collection auctioned off for almost $350K

A "Star Wars" toy collection was recently sold at auction for a shocking amount. Held by Vectis Auctions in Stockton-on-Tees, England, the collection was sold for more than 10 times its pre-sale estimate, according to a SWNS report. The collection included a Palitoy Star Wars vintage "Return of the Jedi" security guard figure, which was estimated to go for roughly $300 but ended up selling for roughly $6,000. A "Star Wars" vintage Cantina Action playset was valued at roughly $500 and sold for about $4,300. A Kenner Star Wars vintage Anakin Skywalker figure was priced at around $5,000 but instead went to a bidder for roughly $11,500. Other pieces went for over double their worth. This is not the first time a "Star Wars" collection has been sold for a hefty chunk of money. In 2021, a "Star Wars" fan bought some memorabilia with over 1,500 autographs from cast and crew members and hundreds of unopened toys for over $90K. East Bristol Auctions handled the sale from a Bristol, England, resident who had spent over 30 years collecting memorabilia from the famous movie series.


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