Schwarzenegger urges young athletes to avoid steroids

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently spoke out about the dangers of steroid use among young people. In an interview with Men’s Health, the former bodybuilder expressed concern for those who are taking steroids without proper medical guidance, leading to overdoses and deaths. Schwarzenegger stated that misinformation about the drugs has made bodybuilding unsafe and that many people are listening to “charlatans” who promote steroids on social media and elsewhere. He emphasized the importance of seeking medical advice from professionals, such as the Cleveland Clinic, instead of relying on unqualified sources.

Schwarzenegger himself has previously confirmed that he used performance-enhancing drugs in the past before Congress passed the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 to minimize use among athletes. He stated that his steroid regimen consisted of “One hundred milligrams a week … and then three Dianabol a day,” referring to the drug metandienone. However, he insisted that he avoided the dangers of “over-usage” and that his warning about steroids should not be dismissed despite his past use.

Schwarzenegger is a former Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia, and his steroid-aided physique brought him fame as an athlete and later a Hollywood star. However, he has also witnessed the disastrous effects of steroid abuse, including people suffering from kidney transplants. Therefore, he warns against the use of steroids and advises people not to “go there.”

Although Schwarzenegger misses his old physique, he now works out to “stay alive” and emphasizes the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. He credits his passion for exercise to his father, who had him do hundreds of situps and pushups each morning. Despite his past use of steroids, Schwarzenegger’s message is clear: steroid use is dangerous and should be avoided.


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