Prince William updates on Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis

Prince William recently reassured royal followers during an outing in Newcastle upon Tyne that all is well at home. When asked about the well-being of himself, his wife Kate Middleton, and their children, William confirmed that they are all doing well. This update comes after Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis in a video released in March, revealing that she had undergone major abdominal surgery in January, followed by a course of preventative chemotherapy.

The palace has stated that they will not provide further updates on Kate's health, citing her right to medical privacy. Despite the ongoing health challenges, William and Kate recently celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary with a never-before-seen photo taken by photographer Millie Pilkington.

In conclusion, Prince William's reassurance about his family's well-being, Kate Middleton's ongoing treatment for cancer, and the celebration of the couple's wedding anniversary are all notable events in the royal family's recent news.


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