Possible Implications of the Taylor Swift Incident for Ticketmaster/Live Nation Merger

The Department of Justice is currently investigating the merger between Ticketmaster and Live Nation. This merger was first announced in 2009 and was approved by the Federal Trade Commission in 2010, and since then it has been the largest live entertainment company in the world. The investigation is looking into the potential for the company to have 'monopsony power' - meaning that they have the ability to set prices for concerts and live events. This has raised concerns from both lawmakers and fans of the singer Taylor Swift - known as 'Swifties' - that the merger could be leading to higher prices for concerts and other events.

The investigation into the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger is an important one, as it could have implications for the live entertainment industry in the United States. Monopsony power could lead to higher prices for tickets and could limit competition, which could mean fewer choices for consumers. This is why lawmakers and Swifties are calling for a re-examination of the merger. It is important that everyone involved takes a look at the potential consequences of this merger, and that it is done in a fair and transparent way.


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