Ninja joins GameSquare for esports revolution

Tyler Blevins, also known as "Ninja," has been appointed as the Chief Innovation Officer of GameSquare, a gaming venture company. The professional gamer aims to create "incredibly authentic and amazing content" in his new role. Blevins, who gained popularity through the online video game Fortnite, has millions of followers across his social media platforms.

GameSquare is set to merge with Engine Gaming and Media, creating one of the biggest esports and media companies in the industry. The joint company, which will debut on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol GAME, will be majority-owned by billionaire Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

According to GameSquare Esports CEO Justin Kenna, the merge with Engine Gaming will help the company achieve its medium to long-term goals in the short term, including revenue scale and access to data and analytics. Kenna emphasizes the power of having the voice of a creator like Blevins in-house, which he says is "really powerful."

The company's media network reaches 115 million gaming and esports fans every month, making it compelling for brands trying to reach audiences in the space. Kenna highlights the ability of GameSquare to directly engage with fans, offering a certain level of engagement that is guaranteed to brands.

Blevins aims to create new experiences that haven't been done before on a gaming scale. He believes that creating incredible content is the key to success, as it spreads by word of mouth.

The move comes after Twitch, a popular video game live-streaming platform, slashed more than 400 employees from its workforce. The gaming industry continues to evolve, with companies seeking to create new experiences and engage with fans in innovative ways.


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