New Mexico judge sentences "Rust" movie armorer to 18 months

In a recent development, a New Mexico judge has sentenced the armorer from the movie "Rust" to 18 months in prison for the fatal on-set shooting involving actor Alec Baldwin. The incident, which occurred on April 15, 2024, has sparked debates and discussions about on-set safety protocols in the entertainment industry.

In other news, the Trump trial is ongoing, with the first prospective jurors sworn in for the proceedings. The trial has garnered significant attention and is being closely followed by the public.

Additionally, the US has issued a warning to Israel, stating that if they strike back at Iran, they will do so alone. This development highlights the tense geopolitical situation in the Middle East and the complexities of international relations.

Furthermore, two dead bodies have been recovered amidst an investigation into missing Kansas moms. The discovery has led to four individuals being charged with kidnapping and murder, shedding light on the tragic circumstances surrounding the case.


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