New hire planned by PATRIOTS to replace Belichick is promising

In recent weeks, there has been speculation about the future of Bill Belichick as the head coach of the New England Patriots. Two sources close to the Patriots have reportedly said that they believe Mike Vrabel, the current coach of the Tennessee Titans, is the top choice to succeed Belichick. The Patriots' disappointing 20-17 loss to the Commanders on Sunday only added fuel to the rumors.

Interestingly, it has been reported that the Commanders themselves would be interested in hiring Belichick if he were to become available. However, it is worth noting that Belichick recently signed a lucrative contract extension with the Patriots, making his departure potentially costly for owner Robert Kraft.

There are also reports of fractures in the relationship between Kraft and Belichick, which could further complicate matters. Vrabel, a former Patriots player and three-time Super Bowl winner, would certainly make sense as a successor to Belichick. However, he is currently under contract with the Titans and acquiring him would require assets.

On the other hand, the Titans may be willing to let Vrabel go as they appear to be in the early stages of a rebuild. The team has missed the playoffs for two consecutive seasons after making it three times from 2019-2021.

If Belichick were to leave, there is also speculation about who would fill his role in the Patriots' front office. One potential candidate is Nick Caserio, who is currently the general manager of the Houston Texans. However, the Texans seem to be on the right path with their rookie quarterback and first-year coach.

Ultimately, it remains to be seen what will happen with Belichick and the Patriots. The team will look to end their two-game losing streak this Sunday against the Colts.


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