Ne-Yo opposes gender-affirming care for kids, expresses strong feelings

Ne-Yo, the R&B singer, has sparked controversy with his stance against children receiving gender-affirming care. In an interview with Gloria Velez for VladTV, Ne-Yo criticized parents who allow their kids to undergo gender-transition surgery. However, he later issued a statement on social media apologizing for his comments, calling them "insensitive and offensive."

But just a day later, Ne-Yo posted a video on Instagram, stating that he will not be bullied into apologizing for having an opinion. He emphasized that he has no issues with the LGBTQIA+ community but expressed his strong opposition to allowing children to make decisions that could be detrimental to their lives.

Ne-Yo encouraged viewers to voice their opinions and stated that he is entitled to his own feelings. He acknowledged that he plans to educate himself more on the matter but doubted that any opinion or book would change his stance.

The singer's retraction on Monday contradicted his earlier apology on Twitter, where he expressed his intention to better educate himself on gender identity and approach conversations with more empathy. He affirmed his support for everyone's freedom of expression and pursuit of happiness.

Data from the Pew Research Center shows that about 5% of young adults identify as transgender or nonbinary. However, access to gender-affirming care is limited, with only 14% of young people who desired hormone therapy actually receiving it, according to a study by The Trevor Project. Additionally, about 80% of those who received hormone therapy had parental support for their gender identity.

Ne-Yo's remarks have ignited a debate on the subject, with supporters and critics expressing their opinions. It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact his career and public perception.

Overall, Ne-Yo's comments have sparked a divisive discussion about gender-affirming care for children, highlighting the complexity and nuance of the issue.


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