NBC hires Al Michaels to cover customized Paris Olympics recaps with A.I

NBC has announced that it will be utilizing generative AI software to create a customized Olympic recap experience for Peacock subscribers during the 2024 Paris Olympics. The company will be using this technology to recreate the voice of iconic sportscaster Al Michaels, providing users with personalized highlight playlists narrated by an AI version of Michaels.

The customized recaps will include greetings by name and focus on specific sports that the user has expressed interest in. Users will also have the option to further customize their highlights to include viral moments, athlete backstories, or other categories, with each package running approximately 10 minutes. NBCUniversal states that there are 7 million possible ways the playlists could be customized.

Al Michaels, who has been a staple of NBC's Olympics coverage since 2010, has approved the use of his voice for this AI-generated content. Michaels expressed initial skepticism but ultimately agreed after seeing a demonstration of the technology.

To ensure accuracy and quality, a team of NBC Sports editors will review all content before it is added to the recaps. This includes checking the pronunciation and intonation of names and events to avoid any errors.

NBC's use of generative AI technology for this Olympic coverage marks a significant move for a major media company. By incorporating talent like Michaels into the process, NBC may be setting a precedent for future offerings in the industry.

Kelly Campbell, president of Peacock and direct-to-consumer at NBCUniversal, stated that these personalized recaps, along with other interactive elements, aim to provide fans with a unique and innovative Olympics viewing experience. The company is leveraging technology to deliver a personalized experience that has not been possible before.


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