Monopoly movie in development by team behind Barbie

LuckyChap, the production company behind the successful Barbie movie, is once again venturing into the world of classic game adaptations with Monopoly. The banner, led by Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, and Josey McNamara, has joined forces with Hasbro Entertainment and Lionsgate to produce the Monopoly movie, as announced at CinemaCon.

Monopoly, the iconic board game dating back to 1935, has been a sought-after property for adaptation in Hollywood for over a decade. Previous attempts with Kevin Hart and filmmaker Tim Story did not come to fruition. Lionsgate acquired the rights to Monopoly as part of its purchase of Hasbro’s film and TV arm eOne in December.

Adam Fogelson, Lionsgate's film boss, praised LuckyChap as exceptional producers with a clear point of view on the project. LuckyChap expressed excitement about bringing the timeless game to life on the big screen, highlighting Monopoly's global appeal and iconic status.

Hasbro Entertainment film head Zev Foreman emphasized the storytelling potential of Monopoly, calling it an incredible platform for creative opportunities. The collaboration between LuckyChap, Lionsgate, and Hasbro promises to bring this beloved piece of popular culture to new heights in the film industry.

LuckyChap's previous success with the Barbie movie, which grossed $1.446 billion globally and received multiple Oscar nominations, demonstrates their ability to defy expectations and deliver on high-profile projects. With Monopoly, they aim to continue their track record of bringing beloved properties to life on screen.

Overall, the partnership between LuckyChap, Hasbro Entertainment, and Lionsgate signals a promising future for the Monopoly movie adaptation, tapping into the nostalgia and widespread appeal of the classic board game.


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