Miley Cyrus shares reasons for not wanting to go on tour

In a recent TikTok clip from her "Used To Be Young" series, singer Miley Cyrus opened up about her decision to not go on tour and why touring isn't healthy for her. Cyrus, who last toured in 2014, explained that while the show itself is only 90 minutes, the intensity and excellence required for performing at that level demand an equal amount of recovery and rest. She also mentioned that being on tour involves a level of ego that gets overused, as every night she has to train her ego to be active. Cyrus expressed that this constant relationship between herself and the audience as subject and observer erases her humanity and connection, which are essential for her to be a songwriter.

Earlier this year, Cyrus had questioned whether she wants to live her life for anyone else's pleasure or fulfillment in an interview with British Vogue. She stated that after her last headline arena show in 2014, she viewed touring as more of a question and expressed her desire to focus on her own priorities rather than constantly being on the road.

However, Cyrus clarified in an Instagram post following the interview that she still feels deeply connected to her fans and is constantly creating new ways to stay connected without sacrificing her own essentials. She emphasized that performing for her fans has been some of the best days of her life, but at this moment, touring isn't what's best for her. She acknowledged that her feelings about touring could change in the future, as she is known for constantly evolving and embracing new experiences in her career.

Overall, Cyrus's statements highlight her personal reasons for not going on tour and shed light on the challenges and sacrifices that come with being a musician on the road. While she recognizes the joy and connection that performing brings, she also prioritizes her own well-being and creative process.


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