Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about her miscarriage at 28

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared a personal and emotional story on her podcast, "Wiser Than Me", about her experience with a miscarriage at the age of 28. The "Veep" star and "Seinfeld" alum revealed that she became pregnant easily and was excited for her first child, but late in the pregnancy, she and her husband discovered that the fetus was not going to live. The pregnancy loss was emotionally devastating, and Louis-Dreyfus developed an infection that landed her in the hospital.

The experience was traumatic, but Louis-Dreyfus found comfort in her mother's company and cooking. She recalled that her mother made chili in a cast iron skillet with cornbread on top, which helped ease the grief. Although she couldn't eat it at the time, the making of it was comforting and embracing.

Louis-Dreyfus went on to have two sons and a successful acting career, winning 11 Emmys for her work on "Seinfeld," "The New Adventures of Old Christine," and "Veep." Despite her personal experience with a miscarriage, she has not been an advocate for any particular cause or organization related to pregnancy loss.

Louis-Dreyfus's candid sharing of her experience with miscarriage sheds light on a common but often unspoken experience for many women. Her story serves as a reminder that the grieving process looks different for everyone and that seeking comfort in small things, like a warm meal, can make a big difference.


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