Jonathan Majors, Marvel star, to face trial for assault case

Marvel actor Jonathan Majors is set to face trial next month for domestic abuse charges after a New York judge denied his motion to dismiss the case. Majors is facing misdemeanor harassment and assault charges. The defense has argued that it was Majors' former partner, Grace Jabbari, who assaulted him, not the other way around. However, the Manhattan District Attorney's office has alleged that Majors' team leaked court evidence.

During the hearing, Majors' lawyer requested that certain evidence remain sealed and not be made available to the public due to the "high profile" nature of the case, to ensure a fair trial. The judge gave prosecutors until November 6 to respond to this privacy request.

The trial is scheduled to begin on November 29.

Earlier this year, Jabbari accused Majors of assaulting her during a taxi ride to his home in Manhattan. Majors was subsequently arrested and charged with strangulation, assault, and harassment. Following this incident, several alleged abuse victims of Majors came forward and began cooperating with authorities. A Rolling Stone investigation published in June alleged that Majors had physically abused one romantic partner, emotionally abused two others, and mistreated crew members on film sets.

Majors has consistently maintained his innocence, describing the allegations as false and based on hearsay. However, he has faced professional consequences as a result of the accusations. He no longer stars in or executive produces the film adaptation of Walter Mosley's novel The Man in My Basement, and he has been dropped by his talent agency and PR firm. The Texas Rangers also removed him from their ad campaign, and the U.S. Army suspended an advertising campaign featuring Majors.

In addition to the abuse allegations, Majors has also been accused of toxic behavior on film sets. His lawyers have defended his behavior, attributing it to his immersive method acting style. They argue that this approach allows him to create more authentic performances, but it has been described by some as rude.


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