Jeremy Renner Involved in Accident While Saving Nephew

Actor Jeremy Renner is being praised for his heroic actions in Reno, Nevada. Reports indicate that Renner was attempting to tow his nephew's truck out of the snow with a Pistenbully snowcat when it began to slide downhill. In an effort to prevent it from hitting his nephew, Renner leapt out without setting the emergency brake and tried to stop the snowcat. He then attempted to climb the snowcat's track, but was immediately pulled under and run over by the 14,330-pound machine. The actor was airlifted to a hospital where he underwent at least two surgeries.

Renner has since publicly thanked fans for their support, and Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve has praised him for his selfless act of heroism. She noted that Renner has routinely helped the community without ever publicizing it and is always calling to ask how he can help. His actions have demonstrated that he is a real-life superhero and is always willing to put himself in harm's way to help those in need.


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